Dr. Rosalinda Barajas-Calkins
Licensed Psychologist
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Most of my clients and co-workers refer to me as Dr. B.  My experiences and training have given me the knowledge and skills to be effective and practical, while also being sensitive and genuine.

My approach in treatment is that of a collaborator, guide, and a support system to clients. First, I work with clients to assess the problem from all angles, taking into consideration their family history, personal factors, life events, and societal influence. This is a collaborative process which I believe is important in establishing our working relationship as well as getting a comprehensive view of the issues that are presented. I then work to provide interventions in treatment that build awareness, insight, and coping skills to effectively manage and overcome the problem. I act as a guide in facilitating the client’s work in treatment so that the client feels supported and empowered in the process. As a support system, I attempt to provide an environment that is comfortable, encouraging, and adaptable to the client’s needs and capabilities.

I chose to be a clinical psychologist in order to have the privilege of working with people in improving their mental health, thereby having a positive impact in their lives. I graduated with doctorate degree in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of La Verne. During my training there, I was exposed to the perspective that mental health is affected by both personal and environmental factors, thereby triggering the need for tailoring treatment to each individual. Furthermore, my professional experience working in school, hospital, community mental health, and in-home settings has given me the opportunity to work with young people, adults, families, and couples on a variety of issues.

It would be my privilege to work with you!