Dr. Susan Hammoudeh, Psy.D
Licensed Clinical Psycologist
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My path to becoming a therapist was begun by an awareness of the prevalence of human suffering. It was then driven by a desire to help treat the human condition; not by taking a reductionist standpoint of viewing individuals simply as their diagnoses or symptoms, but instead viewing their experiences, needs and emotions as unique to them.

As a graduate from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, I have gained valuable clinical experience. I am currently a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California. My theoretical orientation encompasses psychoanalytic and client-centered therapy, as I incorporate the teachings and philosophies of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers in my practice. Doing so allows me to understand and treat the human condition from a depth-orientated, humanistic, and holistic perspective. I create a safe and nonjudgmental environment to allow for the free expression of thoughts and emotions. Emphasis is placed on attaining insight into how our unconscious mind affects how we perceive ourselves, perceive others, and the way in which we live our lives. Thus, self-actualization is a core goal of therapy.

I believe in incorporating an individualistic approach to my practice by taking into consideration the unique characteristics and needs of each person I see in therapy. By understanding each individual’s distinct experiences, holistic healing can be attained. And through this process, the room for self-actualization grows.

The majority of my clinical practice has been trauma-focused with children, adolescents and adults. I also have extensive experience and great passion working with the LGBTQ population, helping individuals find self-acceptance and achieving positive self-worth. In addition to practicing Jungian theory, I incorporate art and play therapy into my practice. The methods of art and play therapy allow for the expression of emotions and thoughts that may be too difficult to verbalize. Expression in such a medium provides inner healing on many levels.