There are life circumstances that not only impact one individual person but also cause stress for an entire family. Perhaps you are going through a divorce and you are concerned about how it will impact your children. Or maybe you are marrying someone who has children from a previous relationship and you would like to make sure you blend well as a new family. Still others of you may be grieving a family loss or you may be struggling with a family member who has an addiction or severe mental illness. These, and any other situations where you need support as a family, are good reasons to enter family therapy.

family therapy services

Family therapy helps strengthen the relationships between family members, whether between spouses, parents and children, siblings, or other extended family members. Through therapy, you can learn about your family’s strengths and weaknesses. Maybe your family is very good at supporting each other emotionally, but you struggle with giving each other space. Your therapist will help you use your strengths to your benefit while also helping you work on your weaker areas. You will also look more closely at how your family tends to deal with emotions and problems. Taking a closer look at each family member’s roles (e.g., the funny one who eases tension, the one everyone goes to for advice) and personalities can help you understand why your family approaches problems the way they do. Family therapy is a great way to deepen your family’s relationships, and you can gain skills that can continue to help you beyond the end of your therapy sessions.