Connolly Counseling and Assessment is dedicated to providing highly individualized treatment for people struggling with alcohol and addiction. Our professionally trained clinicians specialize in substance abuse, substance dependence, and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and trauma.

addiction treatment service

We realize that each person’s life journey is different, and our clinicians will customize a treatment plan with you that will determine the best course of action for each person’s circumstances.  Our clinicians provide a non-judgmental, accepting stance where healing, change, and life transformation can begin.  At Connolly Counseling and Assessment we offer four levels of care:

Individual Therapy – In the past, treatment for drug or alcohol addiction was considered to be separate from mental health issues. At Connolly Counseling and Assessment, we recognize that people often self-medicate their undiagnosed, unmanaged co-occurring disorder.  Our clinicians treat addiction along with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders at the same time.  Individual therapy at Connolly Counseling and Assessment focuses on addiction, co-occurring disorders, childhood traumas, unresolved issues, and interpersonal relationships.  Typically sessions are 50-minutes long and can take place one to three times per week.

Support Groups 

Addiction Support Group – Support groups for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are an important way for persons to empower themselves, learn tools for addiction recovery, and build self-awareness, understanding, and relationships.  Connolly Counseling and Assessment offers support groups to aid people in their road to sobriety.

Family Support Group – As the family gains awareness about the person in their life struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, past and current family discord can be revealed.  We realize this can cause feelings of stress, depression, codependency and isolation.  Connolly Counseling and Assessment offers family groups to help facilitate involved family members towards maintaining healthy boundaries, encouragement, and guidance towards overall healthier relationships. Family groups will focus on education of the disease concept, anger management, stress management, communication, and self-care.

Sober Coaching – There are times in life where we may need and deserve individualized, specialized care that can assist in keeping us on track in order to reach the goals we strive for. Connolly Counseling and Assessment offers sober coaching designed to provide individuals with support and expertise necessary towards living a sober life.  Sober coaches will work with individuals at all stages of recovery, whether persons are leaving residential treatment, currently in sober living, in an outpatient program, in their own home, or recently relapsed.  Our sober coaches can help fill in the gaps that can impede an easier road to recovery.

Referral Services Navigating services within the San Gabriel area can be a daunting task for families and individuals struggling with addiction.  Connolly Counseling and Assessment has relationships with rehabilitation centers, sober living facilities, outpatient and inpatient programs, and other services related to aiding persons to sobriety.  Finding psychiatric services, 12-step support groups, and different levels of care can be overwhelming and confusing. Connolly Counseling and Assessment staff will help individuals and families navigate through the system to help everyone make informed decisions that they can feel comfortable with.