Dr. Bob Connolly

The complexity in private practice for mental health professionals can be overwhelming. While I believe it is essential that your private practice include a website and business cards, beyond that minimal requirement, we are left to determine our business strategies (if we even have them) primarily on our own. Our educational programs spend little time educating us on the nuts and bolts of private practice, and how to make sense of how to develop a successful private practice.

My passion for private practice has led me to establish a thriving practice with 7 locations. I manage my practice while also seeing clients, and I have found the balance that works for me. It is my passion to help you establish the type of private practice that you want. I can assist you through a process of learning what your context is: Who do you want to work with? Who are your contacts? What is your marketing experience? What are your specialties? These and other questions help us determine how to get to what you want to create and sustain for yourself.

I am not a huge believer in private practice seminars or conferences. They can provide useful information, but it’s understanding your individual context that will help you achieve success…that and hard work. There’s no easy way to be successful with your own practice, but thankfully there are many ways to get there. I want to help you get there. Contact me and let’s talk about how to customize a private practice plan for you…one built on concrete goals with creative solutions.