An important step in finding help is to recognize the problem for which you are seeking help in the first place. Just as medical doctors first diagnose a condition before prescribing the appropriate medication, psychological assessment is a useful way to clarify a problem you may be struggling with so that you can find the right treatment for the problem. For example, you may be wondering whether your child’s struggles at school may be related to an underlying issue such as a learning disability, autism, or ADHD. Perhaps you already know that your child struggles with reading, but you want to understand exactly why the reading problem exists. Or maybe you have suffered a concussion and you want to know how the injury has affected your brain. These are just a few examples of the many issues that can be addressed through assessment. Through assessment, we hope to answer three questions for you: what is going on, why is it going on, and what do we do about it? Once we figure out the nature of your problem and understand what is causing it, we want to help you in the process of finding the right resources to manage your symptoms.

psychological assessment

Psychological assessment begins with an intake interview to learn more about your symptoms and your background. This interview provides us with a context for your test results and helps us to understand you as a whole person, rather than reducing you to a collection of test scores and numbers. The intake interview is followed by a series of psychological tests that can take anywhere from two to eight hours to complete. The amount and types of tests we administer are specifically tailored to answer your questions about your or your child’s struggles. We realize that it is not always feasible to complete several hours of testing in one sitting, especially for younger children. We are flexible in working with your schedule so that you are comfortable during testing and are able to give your best performance. Finally, after the testing is completed, we invite you to return for a feedback session where you are given a written report of your results and we answer any questions you may have about our findings. We also make it a priority to provide you with practical and relevant recommendations for how to move forward with treatment. We will continue to support you beyond the feedback session and answer questions that may come up later as you seek treatment. When you receive psychological assessment at Connolly Counseling and Assessment, you are not just gaining test results, but you are gaining valuable partners and advocates.