• Individual Therapy

    When you're hurting and overwhelmed, individual therapy can be a source of healing and growth.

    Individual Therapy
  • Crisis Care Coordination

    Sometimes individual therapy sessions aren't enough. You need a team to support you and your loved ones.

    Care Coordination
  • Couples Therapy

    In a rut with your significant other? Get help with communication and working through issues.

    Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy

    At odds with your loved ones? Schedule a family therapy session to work through your differences.

    Family Therapy
  • Addiction Treatment

    If you're struggling with drugs, alcohol, or other addiction, our specially trained clinicians can help.

    Addiction Treatment
  • Psychological Assessment

    The first step to finding help is understanding exactly what you need help for in the first place. Assessment will diagnose issues and help form a treatment plan.

    Psychological Assessment
  • Career Counseling

    Feeling stuck in a job you hate but not sure what you would love? Career counseling can help set you on the right path.

    Career Counseling
  • Private Practice Consulting

    Need some advice on running a private therapy practice? Let's talk!

    Private Practice
  • Presentations & Workshops

    Looking for a speaker for an event? We have many talented clinicians who can host your presentation or workshop.

    Presentations & Workshops