You’ve heard it many times before, but there is really a lot of truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine. While a good sense of humor may not exactly cure you from an illness, it has a lot of positive health effects that can alleviate the symptoms or severity of your condition. Especially in the case of stress and other mental health problems, having a good laugh or even just getting amused can be great for you.

So, you may be wondering, what are the mental health benefits of humor? Here are 5 facts that explain:

  • Laughter allows you to intake more oxygen-rich air, which, in turn, can stimulate your organs like the lungs, heart, and muscles, triggering the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are also known as the “happy hormones”, into your blood stream.
  • Laughter aids in muscle relaxation, helping soothe the tension you may start to feel during an intense situation. It can also reduce pain. So instead of seeing the negative side of things, why not give a humorous spin to the event, and free yourself from a panic attack or a moment of distress.
  • Having a sense of humor can also keep you in an elevated mood and give you a positive outlook in life. This can lead to reduced depression, increased self-esteem, hope, energy, and vigor.
  • Your sense of humor can also help you foster creativity and enhance your memory. Creativity is a very useful trait to have, especially while under duress, as it will allows you to explore more ways to relieve stress and anxiety….whether through writing, painting, etc.
  • Being a humorous person can also give you several excellent social benefits. Aside from having a positive relationship with family and friends, it can also boost your confidence as people will tend to like you more. It can also make you appear to be more attractive to others, and may give you a great way to maintain happy marriages and relationships.

While there are people who believe that humor is something inherent to a person, others stand firm that humor can be a result to how you look at life.  With a sense of humor,  you can experience better health, have a more hopeful perspective on the future,  and experience a more positive outlook on life’s challenges.



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